The Daily Prophet is the most popular wizarding newspaper in Britain. While some minor newspapers and magazines may exist, the Daily Prophet is the most widely spread and the one the general public tends to opt for in order to learn the news.

On Charming, Daily Prophet articles have been published as of 22 February 1881 (OOC year 2011) and on 3 November 2012, Charming's news team, the Gossipmongering Hags, was created.

Section EditorsEdit

Olla MirageEdit

The top reporter of the Daily Prophet. Olla covers the most notorious and important news, that tend to appear on the front page. She is often used to reveal site plots and events and as such, she is only used by the staff team.

Ian PenglossEdit

Ian is responsible for all articles involving crimes and politics. While his stories tend to be not as grand as those of Olla, he still gets to cover some rather important events. He claims to be only interested in covering the truth, rather than write grand and notorious stories.

Yente VentusEdit

Yente runs the social and gossip column of the Daily Prophet. A rather mysterious figure, as there are many speculations on her true identity and many wonder on how she gets hold on the most recent scandals.

Mitch QuiddelEdit

Although he is responsible to cover all about sports, Mitch tends to write solely about Quidditch. His column includes the British-Irish Quidditch League Rankings, covers of professional matches as well as any stories involving the Quidditch world. Mitch is also the sponsor of the Hogsmeade Howlers , a Quidditch team established in 1883.

Harmony AidworthEdit

Harmony is responsible of the advice column of the Daily Prophet. She answers anonymous letters from readers and members have the opportunity (and are encouraged!) to send their own anonymous letters from their characters.

Gulliver DoranEdit

Gulliver is responsible for all the stories the other reporters do not wish to cover. Although he is mostly assigned with dullest of stories, he is also the reporter that gets to travel the most.

Thalia ApollodorusEdit

Thalia is responsible for the arts column of the Daily Prophet. Her column includes updates from the magical world of art, interviews with magical artists as well as schedules for all the plays that are staged on wizarding theatres.