Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop
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Silas Scrivenshaft


Silas Scrivenshaft


Hogsmeade High Street

"Small and compact, Scrivenshaft's sells quills and stationary. It also has a catalog one can look at if they want to order something custom made."
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Selling hand made quills, inks and parchments of several varieties, Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop is the result of a longtime hobby of its owner and founder, Silas Scrivenshaft.



Initially located in Diagon Alley, Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop was a business long before its establishment in Hogsmeade. Formally opened in 1868, the shop was the business venture of Silas Scrivenshaft who had for years upon years been honing his craft of quill and ink making. What started out as a schoolyard trade ended up becoming a rather successful career and deep passion for the man whom the shop is named after. It quickly became the place to shop for all stationary needs in the wizarding community and grew in popularity quite easily.

Hogsmeade ShopEdit

After the founding of Hogsmeade and subsequent decline in revenue to Diagon Alley, Silas decided to move shop to where it would enjoy the previous amount of ample business. Though the shop space was smaller the community that was ever expanding allowed for him to continue his craft and career in making quality quills, inks and parchments for any stationary needs.