"Well, well, starting the party without me." — Take One Down, Pass it Around

Description of family.

Ogden's Old FirewhiskeyEdit

Donald MacFusty married Griselda Cockburn in June of 1849. Griselda is the granddaughter of Ogden Cockburn, who is the creator of Ogden's Old Firewhiskey. Partially out of a sense of familial loyalty and partially because it's very good, Ogden's Old Firewhiskey is the favored drink of many of the MacFustys.

Family MembersEdit

Connor MacFusty

Abigail MacFusty

Donald MacFusty
Griselda MacFusty
Kentigern MacFusty
Birgit MacFusty
Kennard MacFusty
Ilysa MacFusty
Cliona MacFusty
Donald MacFusty
Torquil MacFusty
Cecily MacFusty
Connor MacFusty
Connor MacFusty
Iona MacFusty
Tavish MacFusty
Ethelyn MacFusty
Katherine MacFusty
Hamish MacFusty
Violet MacFusty
James MacFusty
Roderick MacFusty
Ninian MacFusty
Malcolm MacFusty
Imogen MacFusty
Isobel MacFusty
Gilroy MacFusty
Angus MacFusty
Mungo MacFusty
Malvina MacFusty
Dragon Baines
Wolf Baines
Emily Baines
Elizabeth Baines
Enid Baines
Robert MacFusty
Mungo MacFusty
Davina MacFusty
Una Grimaldi
Gideon Grimaldi
Rosabella Grimaldi
Rosabella Grimaldi
Marzia Grimaldi
Sorcha MacFusty
Mundungus MacFusty
Niven MacFusty
Peigi MacFusty
Pàdraig MacFusty
Rory MacFusty