Lila Marie Pearson
Biographical information

October 14th, 1851

Blood status


Marital status


Also known as

Mrs. Pearson
Professor Pearson
Lila Marie Reed

Physical information




Hair colour

Dark Brown

Eye colour

Dark Brown

Skin colour


Family information
Family members

Bennet Pearson (Husband)†
Hiram Pearson (Son)†
Callum Pearson (Son)†
Sylvie Pearson (Daughter)†

Richard Reed (Father)†
Marie Reed (Mother)
Richard Reed Jr. (Brother)
Elsa Ollerton (Sister)†
Edwina Haskett (Sister)
Enoch Reed (Brother)
Byron Reed (Brother)
Asa Reed (Brother)

Magical characteristics

Forest Raven


Herself, pregnant


Black Walnut, 11 inches, Unicorn Hair, Quite Flexible


Forest Raven


Hogwarts Art Professor

Social Class

Middle Class



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Face Claim

Angel Coulby

"I fear that charmwork is not my strong suit, Professor. If it required transfiguration or art I could be much more helpful. As it is, I doubt very much we can paint our way out of this situation."
— To Icarus Prince in Look Like the Boy Too Shy

Lila Marie Pearson (née Reed) is a halfblood witch born the third daughter to her parents and middle child out of the seven born Reed children.

Biography Edit

Childhood Edit

As the fourth child born to Richard and Marie Reed, Lila's arrival was nothing particularly new or exciting to the couple though they nevertheless welcomed her with open arms. It was this unconditional love that Lila would see paid to all her siblings - herself included - through her years growing up, instilling in her a certain admiration for parenthood and desire for the perfect family life that she herself was certain she was experiencing growing up.

Always having been provided with a comfortably middle class lifestyle, Lila was quite used to handling the fact that not all things were within her reach. As a child she was lucky enough, however, that her interest in the arts were available and from a young age art of various mediums became a fixture in their home. She would often make things for her family, close as they were, and the years saw her craft become more and more refined.

Though a relatively solitary child with her interests in her art, still she maintained a good relationship with her siblings. It was Elsa, her eldest sister, with whom she was the closest. Despite the five year age gap, the two were near always together even if performing separate tasks. When Elsa went to Hogwarts, it was something of a