"The hope is that Irvingly School will allow the next generation a greater chance. With a greater opportunity for literacy and education, those who possess gifts of mind or magic can be discovered and offered a chance to exercise their gifts." —Eleora Etherium in The Daily Prophet
Irvingly School
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7 January 1884


Eleora Etherium


Eleora Etherium


Salem Square, Irvingly

Irvingly School is a one room schoolhouse in Irvingly for children from families that cannot afford a governess or private tutor. The institute caters to wizarding children's pre-Hogwarts education staring at age five, and to muggle children from the ages of five until fifteen.


After returning home from her honeymoon in late 1881, Eleora decided she wanted to open a school for the disadvantaged children of Hogsmeade. Unfortunately, she found the project to be more difficult than she expected it to be. First, the Daily Prophet revealed that the gentleman and governess with whom she was working were having an affair[1] and she ceased all contact with them. Then she attempted to work with another young man and even started construction on the school, but he left town and she went to Wales for the sea air while she was with child. In the end construction was completed in late 1883; the school was announced in November[2] and it opened for its first term on January 7, 1884.


Irvingly school is a modestly sized wooden building with a bell tower and a single school room with an attached office. The building is attached to th Floo Network, and carefully whitewashed.

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